PlayDate PDX

Essentially a giant indoor playground with the (significant) added advantage that parents can sit back and relax with a cup of coffee / glass of beer.

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Open Daily 9am-8pm


A photograph taken at PlayDate PDX
A photograph taken at PlayDate PDX
A photograph taken at PlayDate PDX


  • Excellent indoor play area. When you think about it, given our climate, it’s hard to understand why Portland isn’t awash with such facilities. But it isn’t.
  • Parents can relax in the cafe area, knowing their children are safety contained and having fun.
  • Alternatively, you are at liberty to scramble through the play area yourself. Which is also fun.
  • Tunnels feel quite 2001: A Space Odyssey / Space: 1999. Only a pro if you grew up on late seventies sci-fi.


  • Unsurprisingly rammed to the rafters right after school and on bleak weekends.
  • Noisy. The cacophony of fifty or so children playing in a confined area blends in a mildly disturbing manner with the alt rock soundtrack – including, once, the entirety of Radiohead’s The Bends.
  • $8/child weekdays, $10 on weekends, half price if you’re 3 or under.


  • Comparatively peaceful in the early evening on weekdays, especially if the weather is fair. You might even get the place to yourself. Open until 8pm.
  • Don’t park in front as it’s extremely difficult to get out of the tiny spaces. And I drive a compact.

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First posted: September 5, 2011; last updated: February 22, 2013.

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A photograph taken at PlayDate PDX
A photograph taken at PlayDate PDX

1434 Northwest 17th Avenue Portland, OR 97209 [Google map].

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