Kelley Butte

At once an abandoned and official Portland park, this is really no place for children.


All year round.


A photograph taken at Kelley Butte

Climb up the access road to the former parking lots; from there you’ll discover numerous unmarked, overgrown paths through thicket. Actually don’t do that, go home and watch “Deliverance” instead.


  • Less expensive and more visceral, immersive than renting a horror movie.


  • Unkempt would be a generous description. Abandoned would be more accurate.
  • Ever present sense of being watched. Woodland, yes, but more Blair Witch than Bambi.
  • Makes Elk Rock Island seem like the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
  • The parking spots at the top of 103rd by the entrance gate are susceptible to subsidence. I went in a touch too far, slid forward and required a tow to get out… which was of course far better than plunging into the abyss. Stop short!

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First posted: March 28, 2011; last updated: April 17, 2014.

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A photograph taken at Kelley Butte

SE 103rd Ave & Clinton St, Portland [Google map].

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