G6 Airpark

Are you fly like a G6? Have you ever flown in a G6? No, me neither. But at least we can achieve temporary flight on the trampolines at G6 Airpark. [Note these pictures were taken at the Vancouver location, which is much the same].

hours of fun

Permanently closed

This location is permanently closed :-(


A photograph taken at G6 Airpark
A photograph taken at G6 Airpark
A photograph taken at G6 Airpark
A photograph taken at G6 Airpark


  • Vast areas of interconnected trampolines, with sections for plain old jumping, dodgeball, basketball and special tricks.
  • Everyone seems to enjoy it; bouncing up and down is great fun; have yet to observe any injuries.
  • Moderately well supervised.
  • Arcade area.


  • Giant waiver form to complete on initial visit. Not entirely sure if my soul is forfeit at this point.
  • $12 for the first hour of jumping per person.
  • Seating / waiting areas for non participating adults not the most comfortable.
  • Nothing much in the way of refreshments.

in the area

Kelley Butte – no, of course, I’m joking. Don’t actually go there. Ever. Target?

if you like this…

There was a second, very similar, dollar cheaper, G6 Airpark in Vancouver, WA. Playdate PDX also offers rainy day play, as does Safari Sams.

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First posted: January 14, 2015; last updated: June 14, 2021.

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A photograph taken at G6 Airpark

10414 SE Washington St., Portland, OR 97216 [Google map].

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Sara Hull – thank you!

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