about this site

As everyone knows, Portland, Oregon is home to some of the world’s best and most affordable cuisine, brews most of the quality beer in the Americas and is the nation’s premiere destination to get a tattoo of a unicorn or ride a bicycle with absolutely no gears or brakes or fenders or lights.

Incredibly enough, there’s also a lot of fun to be had as a parent. Knowing what that is and where to find it is my ongoing mission: to explore strange new playgrounds, to seek out new life and new diversions, to boldly go where thousands of parents have gone before – but have so far failed to blog prominently enough about it.

I put this site together to help other parents find new fun things to do around town, guided by my first hand experiences. If you have any suggestions for new places to list, please let me know and we’ll endeavor to check them out!

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If you run a local business, please do consider sponsoring this site! It’s a great way to expose your family-friendly philosophy to thousands of local parents. Plus it’s very inexpensive and would make a big difference to our little family as we go about our adventures…

technical information

I built this site using WordPress. The theme is my own custom design built off FoundationPress and inspired by several others. The cute heading font is Pacifico and the body font is Muli, both courtesy of Google web fonts. The maps leverage Google’s superb map APIs. The text and photography are all mine, © 2010-2018.

legal stuff

All thoughts expressed on this blog are my own personal opinions and not objective statements of fact, neither do they represent the opinions of my employer or site sponsors. The situation on the ground at any of the locations listed here might have changed radically since I last visited, for better or worse. I do my best to respond to news and feedback on the accuracy of information posted here, but, hey, things change. Also, hiking and pretty much any activity involves a certain amount of risk; just because I survived my trip to wherever unscathed doesn’t mean you will too. Exercise caution and venture at your own peril. Peace, love and strength be with you.