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Welcome to my ever expanding collection of things to do with children in and around Portland, Oregon. 94 and counting!

In common with a lot of gen-xers, I have the attention span of a goldfish, so have always been eager to get out and explore... I put this site together to help others discover new fun things to do around town, guided by our adventures. If you have any suggestions for new places to list, please let me know and we’ll endeavor to check them out!

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A photograph taken at Lovejoy Fountain

Lovejoy Fountain

Eclectic downtown water feature. Don't trip.

A photograph taken at Wahclella Falls

Wahclella Falls

A giant waterfall! A cave! A canyon! Water to splash in!

A photograph taken at Oaks Amusement Park

Oaks Amusement Park

Old school family fun at a reasonable price

A photograph taken at Bill Naito Legacy Fountain

Bill Naito Legacy Fountain

Much watery fun for littl'ns.

A photograph taken at Blue Lake Regional Park

Blue Lake Regional Park

A lively summertime spot by the lake with plenty to do

A photograph taken at Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve

Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve

Colorful trails and a fun visitor center

A google map denoting all 82 things to do catalogued for July in and around Portland

All over the map!

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Things to do in Portland with Children
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